Cynthia Barlow, Founder


Two words - lucky and blessed - pretty much sum up my career. My journey began at Hasbro, and I loved every minute of it. Since then, I've made wonderful stops along the way at The First Years, RE:Play! (Playmates Toys), Dorel Juvenile Group, Summer Infant, Fit & Fresh, and my current home - NOBL.


Why NOBL? Because in each of my roles, I've gained invaluable insights into product development, selling-in product, pulling it through retail, and making it known to the world at large through effective marketing and communications outreach. And quite simply, because I believe in what I do. I only represent products and services that I love, so that the results are wholly genuine. Having worked on both sides of the communications desk, as a client and as an agent, I'm able to bring a wealth of expertise to the table. 


NOBL is hyper-focused on three key categories: 1) juvenile products, 2) toys and 3) pet products. Our team is comprised of experienced veterans in these areas and it is our vast practical knowledge in these subsets that make us different.


Additionally, I'm married to my high school sweetheart, have three miraculous kiddos, four pets, and I've written a middle-grade fiction book in homage to my father whom I lost a few years back. Kindness, creativity, awesome products and brands inspire me - and I look forward to being inspired by you!


Allison Katz, VP Communications


In July of 2014, I joined the NOBL team after almost nine years with Summer Infant. Before that, I worked for Dorel Juvenile Group and Boston Warehouse. Cindy is one of my first mentors and continues to push me to be better every single day. I feel extremely fortunate and am honored to have been recruited to join team NOBL and head up the publicity for our clients.  


I've gained invaluable experience over the years. Like many others right out of college, I started in customer service and then moved into product development/design; ultimately landing in product marketing where I enjoyed developing products to make life easier and happier for parents. However, my social nature missed interacting with the outside world, so I decided to move onto Marketing Communications - and found my calling. Now on the agency side of the equation, I adore working with my clients to get them targeted to ubiquitous coverage - and leave no stone unturned.  


I married my college sweetheart and have two young children, a girl and a boy, who are my world. I enjoy traveling, cooking (when I don’t have two children hanging from my legs), challenging myself to new limits, and am ready for any challenges you can throw my way!    

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