5 Reasons to Hire Millennial Me

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Millennials have the potential to make pretty great marketers. If you look beyond the not-so-accurate stereotypes and Instagram addictions, you’ll see we are also smart, interesting, dynamic, and full of high energy. Recognizing the value a Millennial can offer through new perspectives and different approaches, may just give your company the fresh outlook it needs.

Here are my 5 reasons for why a company would benefit from hiring a Millennial:

1. We are inspired by growth and change.

Millennials don’t just want a job; we crave to serve a higher purpose. We display drive, ambition and dedication in our positions to ultimately make a difference. We refuse to let the ever-evolving marketing landscape scare us, rather, we let it motivate us - and we certainly aren’t afraid to put ideas out there or invest in creativity. In the workplace, this generates opportunities for unhindered brainstorming, as well as generating new solutions and fresh perspectives from our dynamic mindsets.

2. We are learning our strengths and weaknesses.

Along with starting a new role comes loads of knowledge and experience that are gained through previous accomplishments and failures. As a Millennial, I believe this is one of the most important aspects of our careers. According to Joel Capperella from Entreprener, "Your success ultimately depends on your ability to rise above your perceived weaknesses" and how hard you work, will result in how fast you get there. Constructive criticism and feedback from management will be crucial, but having an individual who is already committed to learning these factors early on will facilitate effort and achievement, which can benefit the company’s position overall.

3. We are social media savvy.

Life without social media has ceased to exist. It has become apparent that social media is a powerful lever in getting future employers to notice us. Years of experience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (and every other platform known to mankind) makes it easy for Millennials to uncover, operate, and even recommend how to use these tools to their greatest potential. We know how to get in front of people and get our messages heard: in a fresh, useful and inspiring way.

4. We are on the cusp of making brand decisions.

As a Millennial, we display a powerful behavioral trend: the ability to make committed (and sometimes impulsive) purchase decisions. Without a strategic social media position, brands mean nothing to us. Some of the greatest influence over our purchasing behaviors comes from the power of social media and technology. Exhibit A: 66% of Millennials are prone to look up a store after a friend has checked in on social media (Forbes). By gaining a Millennial’s input and state of mind, organizations will be able to more easily attract the brand advocates they need…specifically, the ones that drive $200 billion in sales each year. (Forbes)

5. We are conscious of the competition.

Throughout our years of education, we have been taught to be conscious of the competition in the job market. We count our blessings when it comes to employment opportunities, especially for work that we love doing. We understand that there are more applicants than openings in addition to the fact that someone else could easily take the position we’ve been waiting for right out from under us. This knowledge drives our mentality to never settle, as well as work harder to prove we can be better than the rest; which, in turn drives the overall success within the organization.

To the employers: If you build a relationship and present Millennials with an opportunity, they'll reward you with continued relevance. The bottom line is, we want to learn and grow with you! After all, we are the generation that will make up 50% of the workforce in the next 4 years. (Harvard Business Review)

To my fellow Millennials: Focus on delivering remarkable work that makes a difference by tackling your weaknesses head-on, keep asking questions, and as always, stay inspired! Trust me, keep to your strengths and everyone will see that yes, you’re pretty great.

All the best,


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