There is No Magic Formula

With regard to the world of social media, I have some bad news for you – there is no magic formula. Just like people, the algorithms that act as the computing brain of these channels are ever changing. Like the shifting wants and needs of consumers and their perceptions - as well as economic applications, hackers, and more - people and the social media channels they live on are a fluid and dynamic entity that doesn’t adhere to one set of rules. It's always evolving.

So if there is no magic formula, what's a marketer to do? Get help. Many companies subscribe to the mindset, “Just have Bob in accounting throw a few posts up each week.” While Bob has a heart attack because he is now completely out of his comfort zone, your competition is developing a strategy behind these channels with an expert.

Ask yourself this question: Would you have Mary in Graphics decide which health policy your employees should follow? Of course not. The same holds true for your online marketing strategy. And oftentimes, one body right out of college isn’t going to work either. Sure they know how to post, but unfortunately they don’t have the strategic thinking and wisdom that comes with experience. Case in point: How many times lately have you heard of a company’s social media lead getting fired over a poorly written tweet? Too many times, it seems.

I’m not bad-mouthing college grads, rather, I believe they are the future of social marketing. They’re bright and eager, but they just aren’t ready for the big leagues. And we are doing them a disservice with this sink or swim policy. They need mentors to media train them and put them on the right path to success. They need quality time with an expert.

Without a magic formula, apparently there is no hope. [Cue doom and gloom music here.] So why would you need to hire an agency to help? Simply because, there is no magic formula and you can’t afford to miss out on the 65% of shoppers who tap social media for the perfect gift.

An agency spends day in and day out analyzing data and trends, researching nonstop updates, and testing what works and what doesn’t work by channel, by client, and by consumer. It is a crucial expertise that when staffed correctly, will either make your brand a superstar, or quite frankly, make Bob crazy.

And you don’t want a crazy Bob.



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