If You are Scared...You Won't be Shared

Lots of companies and agencies like to play it safe. Playing it safe ensures that you won’t be embroiled in controversy, and you will likely be wildly successful keeping your brand out of the limelight.

In a crisis situation, this may very well be the correct strategy. Maybe, maybe not.

However…If you are a consumer brand looking for media coverage and consumer engagement…and you’re playing it safe because you “don’t have the time to be creative” (I’ve actually heard those words during my career) or “legal will never approve….”, well, YOU have an opportunity to be a catalyst in your group or company. Today. Right now.

Every day, every second, every moment, people are bombarded with tweets, posts, streaming video, breaking news and more. If you are a “challenger brand”, the responsibility for getting noticed can seem almost impossible.

And frankly, it will be impossible when companies “play scared.”

Now, if you are lucky enough to have an incredibly iconic and newsworthy brand…if you make iSomethings, those lucky few can issue a press release and the world will take notice.

Of course, there aren’t a lot of iSomethings. The overwhelming majority of brands and companies need to produce unique, fun, funny, smart, strategic and on-target creative. In past years, the simple word “creative” was the territory of advertising agencies.

The world has changed. Great creative, from a marketing communications standpoint, can help your message or campaign “ricochet” from traditional media, to bloggers, and everything in between. Great ideas are elastic and tend to enjoy a longer shelf life.

Personally, I love nothing more than representing a “challenger brand” and coming up with the big idea that reverberates wide. So wide that my beloved 84 year-old mother calls me to tell me about a piece of news that I helped generate.

Today, there are times when your business and the story you need to tell requires a splash of audacity. You want to get noticed. You need to get noticed. Engagement with the consumer is the name of the game.

Bottom line, in today’s media madness, IF YOU’RE SCARED, YOU WON’T BE SHARED.

I always encourage my clients to turn things upside down and to push the creative. Create and deliver the unexpected. Have some fun while staying on strategy.

If you want your message shared in a meaningful way, built to deliver tangible results, stop playing scared. Today.


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